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Performance Quality Improvement

What is Performance & Quality Improvement?

New Beginnings promotes a culture that values excellence and continual improvement.  The agency works hard to adhere to established standards and accepted best practices, in an effort to provide the best possible care and services to our neighbors and friends in Central Arkansas.

y integrating performance quality improvement efforts into everything we do as an agency, we ensure high quality of care and services, efficient and accountable administrative operations, and a commitment of our resources to the agency mission to: “Provide affordable, ethical, high quality behavioral health services designed to meet the individual, family, organizational and community needs while serving Arkansas’ families”.
What is a Stakeholder?

A stakeholder is any individual, group of individuals, or even an organization, that is somehow affected by the practices of New Beginnings, or is otherwise invested in the agency's outcome.  

By reading this website, and being a part of the Central Arkansas community, you too are a stakeholder with New Beginnings.

Below are several documents that explain how NBBHS strives to provide the best services possible to our clients and the community we serve.

A letter to our stakeholders.

PQI Stakeholder Packet