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How Can We Help

Individual, Group & Family Counseling

Counseling helps individuals, couples, and families cope with social, psychological and interpersonal problems that interfere with daily functioning. Family or partner involvement is strongly encouraged. Services are sensitive to culture, family value and community differences.
Who Should be Referred for Services?
Anyone who:
  • Demonstrates aggressive behaviors or difficulty dealing with anger
  • Experiences difficulty around relationships or identity issues
  • Has poor social skills or academic/work performance challenges
  • Feels frequently anxious, worried, isolated, withdrawn or in a down mood
  • Has difficulties due to current or past physical, sexual or emotional abuse
  • Notices a significant change in their sleeping or eating pattern
  • Is dealing with loss such as the death of a loved one or a divorce
  • Has trouble coping
Who provides the counseling?
Counseling is provided by licensed, professional counselors who are qualified in individual, family and group therapy. Counselors are experienced in working with diverse populations.

What is the cost?
New Beginnings Behavioral Health Services accepts AR Kids A and AR Kids B Medicaid; Medicaid; Ambetter, Blue Cross Blue Shield; Health Advantage; Municipal Health Benefit League; UHC, and Qual Choice. If the individual or family does not have insurance, services may be provided on a "pro bono" basis.  Pro bono services will be determined on a case by case basis.

What happens after a referral is made?
After an initial assessment is completed, the counselor and client determine whether counseling is appropriate and what kind of services would be most helpful. Services may consist of individual, family, couple, group sessions or a combination of these services. Psychiatric evaluation and medication may be an additional option. The counselor and client work together to develop a treatment plan with measurable objectives.

Are sessions confidential?
NBBHS respects the dignity and rights of all clients. All services are strictly confidential. We will not share information without the client’s consent and/or parent or guardian’s consent, unless ordered by the courts or in cases where failure to do so would result in harm to the client or others. Our primary concern is the client’s well being.

To schedule a counseling appointment, please call;